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Milwaukee Hazmat, Bio-Hazard, and Crime Scene Clean Up


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Professional Bio-Hazard Technicians

Professional Bio-Hazard Technicians

Cleaning up hazardous, odorous, and unsightly situations is what I do. I am Aaron of Milwaukee Crime Scene Cleanup, and I step in and remove organic and non-organic contamination that other commercial or domestic cleaning companies will not touch. These biohazards can become a dangerous threat to people and animals if they are not properly cleaned up.  Besides, they are often disturbing, unsightly, and smell foul.

I work in businesses and homes to clean up messes and the aftermath of crime scenes or accidents that most people find disturbing, frightening, and offensive. You can contact me for crime scene cleanup at three in the afternoon or three in the morning, and I will be arrive promptly and equipped to handle your problem.

Cleaning Up Crime and Accident Scenes is Not Safe for Amateurs

I get called in to clean up situations that most other cleaning companies do not even want to look at. Since many of these situations happen as the result of violent crimes, tragic accidents, or even the deaths of animals, they involve biological contamination. This type of contamination is not just unsightly and odoriferous, it can even be dangerous for other people or animals. Of course, they can also be pretty disturbing for people who are not used to this type of work.

Honestly, these situations are not even safe for cleaning companies that do not know how to handle them properly and respectfully. Besides, you are not likely to find an average cleaning company who will be willing to show up at two in the morning to handle this type of tough job.  You should certainly not try to send in an inexperienced crew to handle these jobs, and you should also not try to clean themselves up yourself.

I come in after the aftermath!

After I’m finished with a crime scene or accident cleanup, you can expect your indoor or outdoor area to look and smell like the problem never occurred. I am a professional with the right experience, training, and equipment to handle the toughest biological cleanup tasks, and I treat every job with the professionalism and respect that it deserves. I am also happy to work with you on special requests, and I can also cooperate with law enforcement.

You do not want to try to tackle bio-hazards, accidents, or crime scene cleanup jobs without the assistance of a trained and experienced professional.

Contact me twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for crime scene cleanup: (414) 614-9801


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